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Course Monitoring

  1. Any participant who refuses to obey the directions, order or instruction of the event official, umpire or marshal (collectively "Officials"), or who conducts himself/herself in an unsportsmanlike manner, or who is offensive by action or language to Officials, volunteers, participants or spectators may be disqualified from the event by the Officials.
  2. Any participant who has been found by a course marshal, event official or surveillance equipment to have gained an unfair advantage by intentionally shortening the route of the race ("cutting the course") shall be immediately disqualified from the event.
  3. Any person who participates in the event without a current official event bib number or timing chip not officially assigned to him/her is subject to removal and disqualification from the event. Participant must put his bib at the front side of his/her shirt.
  4. No persons are authorized to be on the course unless they are registered participants or approved by the Organizer. Therefore, no person shall be allowed to accompany a participant if he/she is not registered in the event nor has been approved by the Organizer.
  5. A hands-on medical examination during the progress of an event by officially designated medical personnel shall not be considered assistance and will not result in disqualification if participant is deemed medically fit. If a participant becomes ill during or after the Event and/or receive medical attention or treatment either from event medical staff, or any doctor or hospital, they must authorize such persons to provide details (including details of medical treatment) to the Organizer or others authorized by him.